Our engagement rings

Are you looking for an engagement ring to propose to your future wife? The choice is not easy to make and that is why our mission is to support you in the defining moments of your life. Renowned for our warm and human customer service, Flamme en rose jewelry store in Montreal offers you a wide selection of handmade, high-quality engagement rings. We produce 10, 14 and 18k white gold, yellow gold and rose gold rings with the finest gemstones. If you are already planning the wedding , we also offer engagement ring and wedding ring duos created by our own designers. Everything is made in our Montreal workshop by master jewelers.


The most beautiful engagement rings for women

The Flamme en rose jewelry store in Montreal has specialized in the creation, making and sale of engagement rings for women since its founding in 2009. This fine jewelry house is the work of two women who graduated from the Jewelry School of Montreal. They offer unique designs of engagement rings in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, engagement rings for women in silver and various other types of engagement rings for women.

The Flamme en rose jewelry store also makes custom jewelry for those who want unique models. A monetary agreement can be made so that this jewel remains so, never being found in stores or on the online store. The field of jewelry is one of trust and Flamme en rose has built an excellent reputation thanks to the manufacturing quality of its engagement rings and its 5-star customer service as classified by Google reviews.

Matching ring and men's ring options

Flamme en rose offers a wide range of engagement rings and matching wedding rings for women. Many women's engagement rings have their own perfectly fitted wedding band to form a perfect set. You can find these matching rings in a section reserved for duets . It is also possible to find wedding rings for men that match perfectly with the woman's wedding ring and engagement ring set.

Gold and silver rings

Flamme en rose's vast choice of gold engagement rings allows anyone to find the one they need. Even if the white gold ring with a central diamond remains the great engagement classic, we are seeing more and more women opting for the rose gold engagement ring . What can we say about the rich saturation of the 18k yellow gold engagement ring. The proportion of 75% pure gold gives it a remarkable color.

The platinum engagement ring is not to be confused with the white gold engagement ring. The bright white gray of platinum offers a whole new dimension to an engagement ring with a central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. Plus, platinum never loses its shine. Platinum is not an option offered on the Flammeenrose.com website, but its use remains a possibility by contacting a jeweler at the Flamme en rose jewelry store.

Engagement rings with diamonds and gemstones

Flamme en rose's engagement rings are handmade from recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones . The two founders of Flamme en rose are also pioneers in the use of laboratory-created diamonds , also called synthetic diamonds. These diamonds have exactly the same properties as natural diamonds. The two main differences are that they come from a laboratory rather than from the Earth's layer and that they are cheaper. To make gold engagement rings with natural diamonds , Flamme en rose always uses Canadian VS-EF colored diamonds .

The emerald engagement ring is a very original proposal, especially for women who are not very diamond-loving. Thisprecious stone is a different green depending on its origin . Emerald created in the laboratory is also available in several variations of green depending on its components.

Neither green nor white? Why not opt ​​for the beautiful natural or synthetic blue sapphire ? The sapphire engagement ring remains a safe choice with a certain touch of originality.

Engagement ring styles

Flamme en rose offers several styles of engagement rings, ranging from a simple solitaire with a small round diamond to a vintage engagement ring with a marquise diamond and a double textured ring body set with diamonds .

The custom engagement ring allows you to recapture the style you love while adding a touch of originality, taking inspiration from the latest engagement ring trends .

The square diamond halo engagement ring offers a retro 50s style that has been making a comeback for several years. The important thing is to choose the ring that suits your tastes and personality.

Affordable and quality engagement rings

It is essential for us at Flamme en rose to support you in the important moments of your life while respecting your tastes and your budget. We create high-end engagement rings at affordable prices when you consider the quality of what we offer you. This is why we offer several design options ranging from simple rings to more expensive rings. The important thing for you is to ask the right questions to your jeweler when purchasing your engagement ring, to know the different gold carat options and to know the alternatives to natural diamonds such as laboratory-created diamonds and moissanite .

We don't make cheap engagement rings for women because like any other product on the market, quality requires more attention to detail and, what's more, lasts longer. It's likely that you or your partner will wear your engagement ring for several years. It is important to ensure that you have a quality engagement ring that will maintain its beauty and value over time.

Choosing an engagement ring store in Montreal

Flamme en rose is the first jewelry store founded and operated by women that makes and sells its own collections of engagement rings in Quebec . Eco-responsible production from recycled metals and the use of ethical stones are at the center of the values ​​of this jewelry store located in downtown Montreal . All Flamme en rose rings are made in the workshop located a few meters from the engagement ring boutique . Trying Flamme en rose is simply adopting it.