Metal of choice for jewelry

Among all precious metals, 925 sterling silver stands out for its versatility and durability. With its brilliant shine and ease of maintenance , this metal embodies the quintessence of accessible luxury. The 925 silver ring offers remarkable resistance to the tests of time.

At Flamme en rose, we believe that each 925 sterling silver ring represents much more than just a piece of jewelry. She is a symbol of fashion, elegance and style. It remains an accessory of choice for those seeking to express their personality and their taste for refinement.


The different styles of silver rings

For women :

The constant evolution of fashion and fashion trends has given rise to an impressive diversity of women's silver ring styles, ranging from minimalist designs to the most ornate and luxurious creations. This metal, both resistant and polished, offers an ideal playground for creators.

Minimalist designs appeal with their simplicity and their ability to subtly complement any ensemble, whether casual or formal. On the opposite end of the spectrum, ornate and detailed 925 silver rings for women represent the pinnacle of affordable luxury. Whether sleek or ornately decorated , each silver ring is a celebration of beauty, elegance and individual expression.

For men :

The silver ring for men is an accessory that has established itself in men's fashion, revealing styles that are both robust and refined . These rings embody a diversity of meanings, from personal affirmation to the celebration of important commitments.

Additionally, men's silver engagement rings are growing in popularity, challenging conventions and providing a modern alternative to long-standing traditions. Today's men seek jewelry that complements their identity and values, making the men's silver ring an iconic choice that combines strength, beauty and meaning.

Silver rings for special occasions


Silver, a metal from the same chemical family as gold and copper , is both resistant and elegant. It offers a shine that rivals other precious metals while remaining affordable. Choosing a silver engagement ring means opting for a sophisticated design that combines style and durability. Our sparkling creations are plated with Italian rhodium , polished to perfection and sometimes engraved with designs that add a personal and unique touch.

Marriage :

Our selection of silver wedding rings fuses tradition and modernity. Eternal classics are designed for those who cherish tradition and timeless elegance. If the men's style you are looking for is only shown in gold wedding rings , contact us and we will make it for you in sterling silver.

For couples looking for a fashion accessory that stands out, our contemporary white silver wedding rings offer bold and innovative designs. At Flamme en rose, each wedding ring is much more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a symbol of lasting love, designed to accompany every couple on their shared journey.

925 silver jewelry with precious stones

Gemstones don't just beautify; they infuse each silver ring with unparalleled meaning and beauty. The silver diamond ring embodies the height of luxury. This combination creates a timeless fashion accessory, symbolizing eternal love and purity.

Like the silver ring with real diamond , the silver ring with pearl evokes classic elegance and charm. This harmony creates jewelry of peaceful beauty, ideal for those who appreciate tradition and understated, yet luxurious fashion.

Ruby, a deep red stone, is recognized for its virtues of courage and strength. Embedded in silver, it creates a striking contrast. The silver ring with ruby ​​is a true bold and exciting declaration of love.

Emeralds, on the other hand, bring rarity and natural beauty. Belonging to the silicate family , this deep green stone goes wonderfully well with the shine of silver. The silver ring with emerald symbolizes renewal and wealth and captivates admiration.

A silver sapphire ring can vary from classic deep blue to surprising hues of yellow, pink, and even white, providing a palette to express individuality and style. This diversity, combined with the strength of sapphire, makes it both a beautiful and practical option for a piece of jewelry intended to be worn and appreciated every day.

At Flamme en rose, each silver ring is a work of art, crafted with meticulous attention to design, elegance and quality. Speak with one of our experienced jewelers today for advice on purchasing your next silver ring.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About 925 Sterling Silver Rings

What does 925 mean in 925 silver?

The number 925 in 925 silver means that the metal is made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, ensuring its durability while preserving its natural beauty.

Why choose 925 silver for a ring?

Choosing 925 silver for a ring guarantees timeless elegance, exceptional durability and brilliant shine, while providing an option that is both affordable and luxurious.

How to Care for Sterling Silver Rings?

To care for sterling silver rings, it is advisable to clean them regularly with a soft cloth and keep them dry, away from prolonged exposure to air and moisture to avoid oxidation.

How to personalize your sterling silver ring?

To personalize a sterling silver ring, consider adding meaningful engravings and incorporating birthstones, which will give the jewelry a unique personal and symbolic dimension.