Engagement and Wedding Rings: Symbols of Love

Find the perfect wedding ring at Flamme en Rose. Whether you are looking for a classic wedding ring or a statement wedding ring , we have what you need. Our wide range includes bridal rings and men's wedding rings to suit every style.

Engagement rings in Montreal: An exceptional choice

Explore our diverse collection to find your engagement ring in Montreal . Whether it's a rose gold engagement ring or a more traditional design, each piece is crafted with the utmost care to ensure your satisfaction.


Personalized rings for every love story

Our personalized engagement rings and custom wedding rings are here to celebrate every unique love story. Flamme en Rose supports you in creating your personalized wedding ring , a symbol of love that suits you.

Ethical and responsible commitment

Flamme en Rose is committed to offering ethical and responsible rings, using sustainable materials and ethical gemstones for each engagement and wedding ring .