Birth jewelry collection

Flamme en rose jewelry store in Montreal was founded by two women who were inspired by their own experiences as mothers to create personalized jewelry . The cradle collection available on our online store fits perfectly into the list of the most beautiful gifts that we can offer to a young mother who has just given birth to a new child. The birth of a baby rises into the stratosphere of the most beautiful events in life both for the young mother and for the family around her and highlight it by offering either a necklace or a pair of earrings of this collection will mark this beautiful moment of life forever.


Jewelry for mom

For the creators of this jewel for mother and why not, grandmother, the pearl symbolizes the child while the stem which surrounds it is the cradle in which it developed. Choose the combination you like by pairing white, black or pink pearls with sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Highlight the birth of this little treasure with finesse and taste. That being said, this collection of birth jewelry is not just reserved for the mother of a new baby. Silver or gold necklaces and earrings can also be given on the occasion of the birth of a new life project such as buying a house or starting a business. In addition, the duo of diamond rings in this collection have been chosen many times as engagement rings and wedding rings. Trust Flamme en rose, a certified ethical and eco-responsible company for all your jewelry purchases, whether via the online store or in store.