Gold ring: Discover our prestigious collection for men and women

The gold engagement ring is the ultimate engagement jewelry. When it comes to sealing your union, a gold wedding ring adds a touch of sparkle and tradition to your big day. Gold, with its shades from classic yellow to trendy pink to elegant white, offers diversity that can accommodate all styles and preferences.

For those looking to give a meaningful gift, a gold ring is a luxury choice that expresses affection and appreciation. At Flamme en rose, we understand that the price of a gold ring is an important aspect of your decision. Consult this procedure to make the right choice and above all, pay the right price .


Our collection of gold rings

Discover all our models of gold rings , where each piece tells a story of creation and our search for perfection. Among our creations, the gold ring, in polished and textured versions, stands out for its simple, but deeply symbolic design. It is ideal to mark an important moment in life.

For those looking to capture the essence of luxury in a single piece, our gold solitaire ring, set with a shimmering diamond or vibrant sapphire , is just the accessory for you. Women looking for a gold wedding ring, a symbol of union and commitment, will find options in our range ranging from classic gold bands to more modern designs adorned with precious stones.

Gold rings for women

Since our beginnings in 2009, the women's gold ring has been the gravitational center of all our creations. We design our pieces to reflect feminine strength and elegance, adorning them with ethical diamonds , lush emeralds or any other precious stones.

Our gold wedding rings for women are more than a piece of jewelry; they are a lasting tribute, which offers a refined radiance that accompanies each couple on their shared journey. The gold bangle for women , with its refined design and its timeless shine, testifies to the importance of marriage , whether religious or civil. Flamme en rose is proud to present these ornaments of elegance and tradition, designed to embellish the important moments of your life.

Gold rings for men

In the world of men's jewelry, the gold ring for men stands out as an emblem of status and elegance, perfectly illustrating the fusion between strength and refinement. To remedy a less attractive offer for men, Flamme en rose has redesigned its catalog and worked on numerous original models in order to become a leader in gold rings for men .

At the heart of this collection, the gold signet ring embodies the quintessence of prestige, a heritage of power and distinction that spans the ages. Next, the men's gold band offers a contemporary interpretation of tradition, offering a clean, yet powerful design, ideal for those seeking elegance in simplicity. Likewise, the men's gold wedding ring , whether satin , two-tone , classic or textured, celebrates the union with style and dignity.

Material composition and purity of gold

The material composition of gold rings represents a fundamental aspect of our know-how. Gold, this precious metal, comes in different purities and colors, offering a variety of choices for unique creations. Yellow gold rings are timeless classics. White gold rings bring a touch of contemporary elegance while pink gold rings seduce with their softness and originality. Rose gold is more than just a trend.

Gold purity is measured in carats, indicating the proportion of pure gold in the alloy. A 10k gold ring contains 41.7% gold, providing increased strength, ideal for everyday wear. The 14k gold ring , with its 58.3% gold, represents a perfect balance between durability and value, while the 18k gold ring , comprising 75% gold, stands out for its high purity and exceptional luster .

Design and style of gold rings

Designing a personalized gold ring is a delicate process that combines art, and a unique personal touch. The meticulously crafted engravings add an intimate and personal dimension to each piece. Whether for an engagement ring or a wedding ring , setting the stones is another crucial step, where gold rings with diamond or precious stone are given their dazzling character.

For those who wish to modify an existing piece, Flamme en rose is the best place in Quebec to transform your jewelry . If it is just a matter of enlarging a gold ring , we carry out this type of service with the same attention to detail, ensuring that each modification respects the integrity of the original design. Contact one of our jewelers today if you would like to buy, create, transform or repair a gold ring.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about gold rings

What is the difference between 10k, 14k and 18k gold?

The main difference between 10k, 14k and 18k gold is their pure gold content: 10k gold contains 41.7% gold, 14k gold contains 58.3%, and 18k gold, 75%. This variation in the alloy affects not only the value, but also the softness, color and strength.

How to choose between yellow, white and rose gold?

Choosing between yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold depends on your personal color and style preferences as well as how each shade complements your skin.

Can you personalize your gold ring at Flamme en rose?

Yes, you can personalize your gold ring at Flamme en rose by adding an engraving, precious stones or completely redesigning it thanks to our custom transformation and creation services.

How to maintain your gold ring so that it retains its shine?

To maintain the shine of your gold ring, clean it regularly with a solution of warm water and mild soap, using a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt. It is also advisable to have its claws checked and polished once a year to ensure its longevity and shine.