Our collection of diamond rings for all occasions

Welcome to our magnificent collection of diamond rings! With us, buying a diamond ring is much more than just a purchase. It's a journey into the world of precious stones, sparkling creations and lasting emotions. Whether for a simple diamond ring, a ring with several diamonds or even a solitaire diamond ring, you will certainly find what you are looking for among our creations. Our solitaire diamond rings are perfect for symbolizing eternal love at a wedding or marriage proposal. If you prefer to add a pop of color, we also offer sapphire and diamond rings that are sure to capture everyone's attention. Canadian diamond lovers will be delighted to know that our rings showcase these exceptional gems. It is essential for us to know the origin and traceability of the diamonds we offer. Let us guide you on this adventure where beauty meets ethics and economics.


Gold and diamond ring combination: white gold, yellow gold or rose gold

Nothing beats the timeless elegance of a gold diamond ring . Whether you prefer rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, we have a variety of styles at Flamme en rose that will appeal to you. Our rose gold diamond ring is perfect for adding a touch of softness and femininity to your look. If you are looking for a classic and sophisticated ring, opt for our white gold diamond ring . Gentlemen, don't worry, we also have gold diamond rings for you, like our diamond signet ring for men or our elegant diamond band for men . And ladies, don't be jealous, you can also wear this refined jewel called star chaser.

Synthetic laboratory diamonds, an ethical and economic choice

Have you ever heard of lab-grown diamonds ? These modern marvels are created in the laboratory from carbon atoms, using sophisticated processes such as high-temperature pressure and chemical vapor deposition. The result is a synthetic diamond with a crystal structure identical to that of natural diamonds. They are also known as laboratory created diamond or laboratory grown diamond . Opting for a cultured diamond - another known name - is not only an ethical choice, but also an economic one. Because production costs are lower, these diamonds are often more affordable than their natural counterparts. You can therefore treat yourself to a magnificent synthetic diamond ring without breaking the bank, while preserving the environment. It's the best of both worlds!

Synthetic diamonds delivered with GIA certificate of authenticity

When purchasing a piece of jewelry with a laboratory diamond of a size of 30 points or more (0.3 CT), the Flamme en rose jewelry store will give you on request a GIA certificate from the Gemological Institute of America , one of of the most prestigious laboratories in the world. This certificate of authenticity describes the characteristics of the diamond, ensures its value and protects you against fraud. No matter where you buy a gold engagement ring, wedding ring or love ring with a diamond over 30 points, you have the right to demand a certificate of authenticity. You can request the exact same service for a necklace and pendant with real diamonds. Lab-created diamonds may not have the same aura as a natural gemstone created by the forces of nature over thousands of years, but they have the advantage of being significantly less expensive. Also, it is a safe bet that synthetic diamonds will be more and more popular since they create less damage to the environment and do not come into conflict with respect for human rights, two criteria which will be essential for generations future. At Flamme en rose, our most recent creations of engagement rings and wedding rings have all been made with laboratory-created diamonds . Do not hesitate to come see us to compare the natural diamond and the one created in the laboratory. You won't see any difference... Except the price.

How to choose the ideal carat weight for your diamond jewelry?

When you walk into a jewelry store looking for the perfect ring, you will often hear about the carat weight of the diamond. But what does this actually mean? The carat is a unit of measurement used to evaluate the weight of diamonds. The higher the carat, the larger the diamond. When choosing the carat weight for your diamond jewelry , it is important to take into account your personal preferences as well as your budget. It is important to note that the size of a diamond does not determine its quality. 6 carat diamonds or 10 carat diamonds may look impressive but the quality of cut and clarity is just as crucial. One of the important aspects when purchasing a diamond is its quality and valuation. That's where the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) comes in. The GIA is a world-renowned organization that evaluates and certifies diamonds based on their cut quality, color, clarity and quality. carat weight. Their expertise ensures that you get a real diamond, whether natural or synthetic, with all the characteristics accurately described. At Flamme en rose, we offer the evaluation and certification service and we ensure that each diamond jewelry, whether it is luxury diamond jewelry or diamond jewelry for women , is of exceptional quality , regardless of its carat weight.

Price of diamond rings: How to determine the budget for your jewelry?

Ah, the price of diamond rings, a delicate subject! But don't worry, at Flamme en rose, we are here to help you navigate this maze. When you are looking for a diamond ring, you will find a varied price range. The price of a diamond ring depends on several factors, such as the size, quality and origin of the stone. As mentioned above, synthetic diamonds can offer a more affordable alternative to natural diamonds without compromising beauty and quality. Production costs for lab-created diamonds are generally lower than those for natural, Earth-mined diamonds. This means you can get a beautiful diamond, with the same quality and sparkle, for a cheaper price. It is important to note that the price of a diamond is not limited to its carat weight. The quality of size, color and clarity also plays a vital role in its price. Lab-created diamonds are often free of visible inclusions, ensuring dazzling clarity. At Flamme en rose, we offer diamond rings at competitive prices so you can find the perfect piece of jewelry without breaking the bank.

So what are you waiting for? Come discover our collection of diamond rings and let yourself be seduced by these miracles of nature. Whether you opt for a natural or synthetic diamond, you can proudly wear a piece of jewelry that combines the brilliance of diamonds with modern ethics. Come discover our creations and let us accompany you in the important moments of your life and in the choice of your precious jewel.